6,349 people receive young agropreneur grant totalling RM111.02 mln


Kota Kinabalu, 11 September 2020 – A total of 6,349 individuals received assistance from the Young Agropreneur Grant amounting to RM111.02 million, from January 1, 2016 until August 31, this year.

The Agriculture and Food Industries Ministry in a statement today said from the total, 2,561 individuals represented the crop sector with an allocation of RM43.8 million.

For the fishery sector, 511 people received the grant with total funding of RM10.58 million, livestock sector 1,232 people (RM25.83 million) and food industry sector 2,045 people (RM30.81 million).

Meanwhile, for the same period, 6,401 individuals throughout the country received approval to participate in the Young Agropreneur Programme, with a total allocation of RM114.32 million.

Among the sectors involved are the crop sector with 2,588 people with funding amounting to RM45.19 million, fishery 515 people (RM10.96 million), livestock 1,246 people (RM26.82 million) and food industry 2,052 people (RM31.35 million).

In Sabah, 534 young agropreneurs received approval for the Young Agropreneur Grant totalling RM7.79 million, for the same corresponding period.

From the total, 29 people received approval for the second phase of the grant this year, with total funding of RM0.56 million.