Arches raises $450,000 in its Seed Round, to expands its “Knowledge-Sharing Platform” throughout 5 locations in Asia


Singapore, 6th March 2020: Arches Pte Ltd -Headquarters: Singapore; Representative Director: Hiroki Kato; hereinafter: Arches-, a global provider of expert matching services is excited to announce that it has successfully raised 450,000 USD (50 million JPY) from series of investors including  I Glocal, one of the largest accounting firms in Vietnam and
other angel investors from the private equity industry. With this funding, Arches will expand its database of experts in Asia, strengthen its team, and further accelerate the development of its own expert data platform.

Arches will use funds raised to accelerate business growth and scale across the key areas below. We will strengthen the organizational structure and local teams in key countries to deepen our expert networks in Asian countries. The funds also enable us to enhance business development/sales function to drive both regional and global growth and exposure. Furthermore, we will optimise operational protocols, systems, and procedures to maximize the efficiency of the client-expert matching system 

Our investors are I-Glocal Inc., one of the largest accounting firm in Vietnam and 8 angel investors mainly from Private Equity industry including the experienced professional Masashi Suekane (Bain Capital Private Equity LP / Managing Director) and Hiroyuki Ono (ACA Investment Pte Ltd / Partner).

■Future Outlook
In Asia, especially in the fastest-growing economies, industry information belongs to a small group of insiders and public data and reports available to the market are extremely limited. In such a context, companies looking to expand into those economies are in desperate need of access to the right information quickly to minimize business risks, identify business opportunities and most importantly, capitalize on those opportunities. Arches will expand its proprietary Asia-centric knowledge platform and offer the most highly accurate and efficient expert matching services possible in order to exceed customer needs. We also intend to commercialize Expert-knowledge and deliver local information to a wider range of customers.

■Message from CEO: Hiroki Kato
“Thank you all who understands our mission and support the service that we had the opportunity to complete projects in 17 Asian, 5 European countries and the United States only after nine months in operation. It is our pleasure serving various clients primarily strategic consulting firms, investment firms and multinational corporations. Access to the right experts’ knowledge has become a requirement in modern society
when in-depth knowledge is required for successful territorial expansion but false information is spread everywhere. To overcome this challenge, we built a strong international team and received financial support from like-minded investors. The sharing economy has become a widely accepted concept with the sharing of tangible assets such as cars and houses becoming mainstream in the last decade. Arches is building a platform that shares people’s intangible assets namely “knowledge”
across countries. We want to break down the barriers associated with the free-flow of
information over time and to reduce the difficulty for global companies to enter new