EPIKINDIFI launches its ‘Digital Self-Service’ collection product, ClickEZ


Singapore, 12th November 2019– EPIKINDIFI, a scale-up niche software solutions company founded in Chennai, India in 2017 by a team of bankers, technologists and entrepreneurs, has launched its latest product ClickEZ which is a next-generation ‘Digital Self-Service’ collection product providing a highly engaging customer experience while allowing lenders to use its predictive analytics and data-driven intelligence to personalize communication to every micro-segment of its customer base. By virtue of its neuro-design technology in the UX process, CLickEZ promises to increase the pay/promise-to-pay by over 200% over traditional collection models employed by lenders globally.

What originated as an idea during a discussion over coffee on ‘IT Fatigue’, which is consuming the productive and imaginative capability of banks and financial institutions around the world, EPIKINDIFI was founded in 2017 by the trio of Rajendra Awasthi, Sushmitshri Babu and Shubhomoy Banerjee and is headquartered in Chennai while having offices in Bengaluru, Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore with a team strength of 280+ employees having a combined banking and technology experience of over 500 person-years.

Utilizing the rich and diversified experience of this team in designing, delivering and implementing banking software globally, ClickEZ was designed to offer customers the feature of making payments on its platform which is integrated with leading payment gateways with a fully automated status update mechanism. ClickEZ also provides for a payment plan option to arrange for overdue payments with the flexibility of changing the frequency, amount and start date; which is under the control of the lender thereby improving collection success rates. For lenders employing this solution, ClickEZ provides benefits of ease of scaling the collection operations without manpower increase leading to significant cost reduction in operations while providing an effective, personalized and engaging customer experience.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Mr. Shubhomoy Banerjee (Co-Founder EPIKInDiFi) stated, “We at EPIKInDiFi, recognizing the need for single, end-to-end cloud-based digital lending and automation solutions, work on creating bespoke platform products that digitize every data and automate every process to help banks gain increased transparency, efficiency &  unmatched speed in marketing their product and services while creating differentiation in the banks’ offerings within the regulatory framework they operate in. Our latest offering ClickEZ wholly imbibes this vision and provides enhanced customer experience through personalized payment options leading to significantly improved success rate in collections and reduced debt collection costs for the lenders employing this product. We are confident that with its intuitiveness, easy integration, flexible deployment and highly secure payment engine, ClickEZ will be easily adaptable and beneficial to organizations across market segments like Banks, Credit Providers, NBFCs, Mutual Funds, Insurance, e-Commerce players and other Utility providers.”

In addition to ClickEZ, EPIKINDIFI also has a slew of offering like its flagship product, Vanguard, which is an intelligent, end-to-end Flexible, Integrated, Modular and Intelligent visually driven ‘zero-code’ Digital Lending Origination platform that integrates all processes from customer onboarding, account opening, loan origination, deposit accounts, workflow, credit analysis, content management and instant reporting capabilities. With additional functionalities of automating and creating straight-through processing for liability products such as CASA and term Deposits, Vanguard is being widely used by EPIKINDIFI’s customers across the globe for their SME and Retail lending business.

EPIKINDIFI’s Rubix product, which was initially developed as an embedded automation tool in other products like Vanguard, is a SaaS-based intelligent automation solution that using robotic process automation (RPA) and AI technologies to automate manual, repetitive, rule-based tasks and is specially tailored for banking and insurance companies that is helping it’s clients in improving operational efficiency, TAT, productivity & compliance.

With this single-minded focus on creating an eco-system which is agile, nimble and always listening to customer needs, EPIKINDIFI is slated to grow exponentially spreading its customer-base to the leading countries globally.