GLITZKOIN Launches ICO and Details Diamond Blockchain Plan


KUALA LUMPUR, March 21, 2018 – The GLITZKOIN ICO comes as a prelude to its more ambitious plan to deploy a full-fledged diamond trading platform based on the latest blockchain technology.

The project has drawn immense interest from diamond industry stalwarts. It is a well-known fact that diamond sales have been passing through rough terrain for quite some time.

Olga Rosina, a diamond veteran with 2 decades of experience in the diamond industry, is excited to be connected with this impressive project. In her words “the marketing function of the diamond industry, needs a major overhaul. It has remained stagnant and inefficient for decades. Blockchain technology seems to have the right solution.”

Leveraging the expertise brought aboard by seasoned diamond veterans in the team, GLITZKOIN has clearly marked the weaknesses present in the current diamond trading system. A long trail of brokers and commission against, dot the diamond supply chain. This not only adds to the final selling price of the diamond but also, raises the possibility of concealed information related to the stones.

The blockchain platform envisaged by GLITZKOIN, brings buyers and buyers into direct contact with each other. No middlemen and no expensive broker fees to cloak the original price fixed by the seller. Blockchains by their very nature, ensure a high level of security, information once entered cannot be modified or deleted. The tamper proof record for each diamond entry boosts buyer confidence.

A stringent stipulation to include only certified diamonds on the trading platform, removes doubts about gemstone authenticity, diamond grade and even treatments that could be applied to the glittering stones. The high degree of clarity related to product information ensures that, both experienced and first time diamond buyers, can purchase with confidence.

The GLITZKOIN ICO is unique, in that, it focuses on adding value to the entire diamond industry.  This is indeed a first serious attempt being made to add efficiency and expand market reach to global diamond markets.

On complete implementation, this project will prove to be immensely useful to both sellers and buyers. The elimination of middlemen will wipe out multiple brokerage fees and profit margins; this will be clearly visible on the final price tag. Sellers will have direct access to the final buyer and buyers will directly deal with sellers.

Unlike many other projects that have cryptocurrencies as their sole objective, we at GLITZKOIN are focused on harnessing technology to better the market scope for a 90 billion dollar diamond industry.  The cryptocurrency will work to reduce bank fees and currency conversions that can generally be quite expensive. Transactions conducted over the platform, would be settled with the cryptocurrency deployed on the platform.

The GLITZKOIN team combines the finest talents in the diamond and blockchain technology sectors. Professionals with decades of diamond industry experience, work hand in hand with highly skilled blockchain technology and cryptocurrency experts.

The GLITZKOIN diamond platform is the first major overhaul of the diamond industry in decades.  The platform provides for immediate access for new and existing diamond buyers to connect with existing sellers anywhere in the world.  This will result in lower prices to consumers, while at the same time increasing margins for sellers.  This is exciting for everybody and has tremendous potential to grow the diamond industry globally.

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