Josens “All 45 Essentials”: The Superfood of The Future ECF Campaign Launch


Kuala Lumpur, 2nd July 2020 – Josens Projects Sdn Bhd (“Josens”) officially launches its Equity Crowdfunding (“ECF”) campaign today on Ata Plus’ platform. Josens is seeking to raise up to RM 3 million and is offering investors high dividend returns of 10% per annum on the investment sum, attractive conversion and redemption options, and discounts on all Josens’ retail products.

Josens is a Malaysian food technology company with a mission to revolutionise the global food industry through the production of future superfoods, with microalgae as its core ingredient. Josens’ current flagship food product, known as the ‘All 45 Essentials’ is a microalgae-based consumable powder which caters for all 45 food-based essentials for life, that being the 9 amino acids, 13 vitamins, 20 minerals and 3 essential oils.

The ‘All 45 Essentials’ is currently the only food source available on the market which caters for all 45 food-based essentials in one offering and in the correct proportions necessary to sustain an optimum and healthy lifestyle. Prior to this, the only way for anyone to obtain these food-based essentials at sufficient levels is to consume nutritionally imbalanced foods or over-eating, which leads to its own fair share of health problems such as obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Josens believes that by consuming the ‘All 45 Essentials’ in its recommended daily proportions, our immune systems and ability to self-heal will naturally strengthen, whilst other health problems associated with nutritional imbalances/deficiencies and excessive eating can be avoided. The ‘All 45 Essentials’ can be blended into a smoothie or mixed into water for ease of consumption, or used as a base for integration into other food products without affecting their taste or smell.

Josens is currently the exclusive global license of the ‘All 45 Essentials’ formula and the rights to farm microalgae using the proprietary technology of its holding company, Algae International Bhd. This enables Josens to produce high quality clean microalgae at large scales whilst keeping capital and operational costs at a minimum, thus giving Josens a significant advantage over other microalgae based food competitors.

Josens ‘All 45 Essentials’ is backed by considerable amount of research and testing, with Josens’ Founder and CEO, Jag Kaurah having previously dedicated over 15-years of his life into microalgae research and innovation. His work which includes the design of modular microalgae farming technology through closed photobioreactor systems has been validated by several key research organisations which include NASA and the Weizmann Institute of Science, and now forms the basis of Algae International Bhd’s proprietary microalgae farming technology.

Since a trial introduction of the ‘All 45 Essentials’ into the market in 2018, Josens has seen a steady increase in its sales and recognition, targeted specifically towards smaller groups of health-conscious individuals. With this positive response, Josens is confident that the ‘All 45 Essentials’ will continue to make inroads in the global wellness economy. With the help of the funds sought to be raised from Equity Crowdfunding, Josens is now gearing up for a larger regional and global expansion strategy through increased marketing efforts across Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and North America.

“We hope to grow tremendously whilst continuously improving and providing more benefits for our rapidly expanding market of health-conscious consumers. We have assurance in growing this brand through our thorough collection of sales data feedback over just 2 years of testing this product in the market,” said Josens’ Founder and CEO, Jag Kaurah. “Our aim is to make healthy eating an affordable and accessible option across all store shelves in the future”, he added.

Josens’ Founder and CEO, Jag Kaurah

Elain Lockman, Co-Founder and Director of Ata Plus, is enthusiastic for the launch of Josens’ equity crowdfunding campaign. She believes that equity crowdfunding is a vehicle to push more businesses to grow in making more societal impacts. “In Ata Plus, we believe in continuing our efforts to increase financial inclusion to those who choose equity crowdfunding as a fundraising tool. Promoting brand awareness and allowing the public to be a part of their business growth is also an added benefit of crowdfunding,” said Elain. “We are excited to see more food technology companies like Josens be a part of this moving forward,” she added.

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