Local community kick-started recycling initiative at their neighbourhood to reduce waste end up at Kinta River


15 FEBRUARY 2020, IPOH: Realising the importance of Kinta River as their source of drinking water, KRT Taman Tasek Jaya established a new recycling corner in January encouraging about 450 residents at Taman Tasek Jaya to start segregating their wastes to improve waste management in the neighbourhood and eventually reduce waste end up at the Kinta River.

Entitled the Launching of Community Recycling Programme, the event was organized by the Global Environment Centre (GEC) in partnership with Ipoh City Council (MBI), Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Perak, Department of National Unity and Integration (JPNIN) Kinta and KRT Taman Tasek Jaya. The event was conducted as part of the bigger project of Integrated Management of Upper Kinta Basin by GEC in collaboration with the Hasanah Foundation and DID Perak to conserve the forest and riverine habitats in the Upper Kinta river basin.

Speaking during the launch of the new recycling corner, Tuan Romzi Bin Zamri, Director of Community Development Department, Ipoh City Council (MBI) said, “Kinta River is the main source of water supply to the residents of Ipoh. Therefore, it is important for every stakeholders including the government agencies, the private sectors and the public to start taking steps in conserving our precious water bodies. Improving waste management via recycling is one of the best management practices that the residents can adopt to increase the effectiveness of river conservation.”

He further explained, “Taman Tasek Jaya is located at the Kinta River basin. Rainwater that falls onto the basin flows across the area on its way to the river and eventually the ocean. Poor management of waste or any waste improperly thrown on to the area will lead to water bodies and in this case, it is the Kinta River. So, it is great to see that the KRT is stepping up their efforts to ensure the cleanliness of their neighbourhood through recycling activities.”

Upon launching of the recycling corner, the residents supported by 25 students from the Quest International University (QIU) Perak collected and segregated wastes at the newly established recycling corner. Encik Ahmad Zainuddin Bin Abdul Latif, Chairman of KRT Taman Tasek Jaya said “The collected recyclables will be sold to an authorized vendor on monthly basis. We have started this movement in January and today’s event is conducted to officially launch the programme. The income generated from the recyclables will be used by the KRT to financially support our future community activities including the maintenance of this recycling corner and the new mini eco-park.”

The programme also saw the students working together with the residents to help establish mini eco-park next to the recycling corner by painting murals and plant trees. They also clean up the drains in the neighbourhood to kick-start this initiative.