Local Software Developer, SAGTEC Outperforms by 213% of its ECF Fundraising Target on Ata Plus


Kuala Lumpur, 12 November 2020 – In only under six weeks, local software developer SAGTEC Group Sdn Bhd (SAGTEC) successfully closed its equity crowdfunding (ECF) campaign on ATA Plus, exceeding its fundraising at RM1,064,250, which is 213 percent more than expected.

Focused on employing inexpensive technology via SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) as a way of tackling traditional threats in an F&B and retail setting, SAGTEC skilfully developed Speed+ – its own branded total solutions software designed to eliminate needless human errors and unwarranted business risks, promoting competency and a flawless service system that optimises the different segments of productivity in a business owner’s daily operations. Speed+ a 100% cloud-based software, reaches out to humble business owners such as food truck operators, food stall operators, café owners and even new entry players to help boost efficiency and productivity of Malaysia’s SMIs and SMEs in the F&B and retail sectors.

“We are really glad to have come onboard an ECF platform, which resulted in not only the success of our fundraising exercise but also the market’s encouraging reception of Speed+,” said Kevin Ng, Founder and Managing Director of SAGTEC. “For our ECF Campaign, Ata Plus framed our business into a narrative that propelled our position as a valued business to inspire engagement with investors, customers and partners. Aside from securing the investments our story and ECF campaign were also amplified through significant media coverage by several notable publications. In the end, our great synergy was met with great success – in more ways than one,” Ng concluded. Funds raised will be used mainly for inventory and asset stocks, PR and marketing; and overhead and sales expenses.

Kyri Andreou, Ata Plus’ Co-Founder and Director shared, “We really enjoyed welcoming SAGTEC onto our platform. They have an authentic product that matches the market’s need and demand – without it needing to be expensive or complex. SAGTEC shares our vision of upholding accessibility and inclusiveness as illustrated by Speed+.” He added, “SAGTEC’s successful ECF story is also proof that the ECF scene in Malaysia is not only becoming more vibrant, but that today’s investors are slowly gravitating towards purposeful companies that are thoughtful in their products and services.”