Love Harbour Sets to Boost Tourism Industry in Melaka


MELAKA, March 2, 2018 – Malaysia’s first love-themed harbour, Love Harbour Melaka was launched earlier today at The Riviera. The recently developed harbour is a collaboration project between Mythas Legacy Sdn. Bhd., a Malaysian-based property management and tourist attraction development company, and First Avenue Partners (Asia) Sdn. Bhd. Promises to be a game-changer and turn the tide for tourism in Melaka, the entire area is five acres with 100 units. RM15 million is planned to be invested to promote the area.

The latest integrated tourism locale which features classical European architectural design houses extensive businesses, including boutique hotels, a wide range of F&B establishments and various retailers including bridal shops and other specialty shops. And with a unique theme centered on love, the harbour offers excellent wedding planning services and boasts a stunning cross-century love theme pavilion – making it a key tourism hotspot in Malacca.

Occupying five acres of land, the Love Harbour Melaka began its construction in 2015 and is set for completion this month. Nestled between the historical sites and the Melaka Gateway, the Malacca township has a strong maritime history, and is further enriched by the construction of the new harbour.

“Boasting impressive historical attractions and significance including the Straits of Malacca, being one of the most important shipping lanes in the world, linking many major economies and financial hubs in the region, the new harbour will be one of the major drawcards to what is already an outstanding tourism destination. Malacca has witnessed the increase of tourism as it reached 16.7 million last year – and upon completion of the Love Harbour Melaka this month, we target to hit 1.6 million tourism, annually.”

Officiating the launch of the Love Harbour Melaka at The Riviera, the Chief Executive Officer of Mythas Legacy Sdn. Bhd. Hedki Heng, emphasized that the new harbour strives to become a major tourist attraction both locally and internationally, which in turn will boost tourism and economy in Malacca and the country.

“We are confident that the Love Harbour Melaka will attract tourists across the region. We target the revenue projection to be RM32 million in the first year, RM48 million in the following year and RM72 million in the third year,” added Hedki Heng.

Heng also stated that the concept of Love Harbour Melaka is unique in comparison with other tourist attractions as it offers unique experiences with a series of exciting events, centered on the theme of love.

Currently, Mythas Legacy Sdn. Bhd. is on the lookout for more tenants and businesses in order to help grow the Love Harbour Melaka.

“We are seeking for more tenants and businesses from various fields such as F&B, bridal shops, wellness establishments, home decorations, etc. We target relevant tenants and businesses that can add more value to the growth of Love Harbour Melaka.”

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