Airebagasi-This startup will pick your luggage (from anywhere) and send it straight to the airport

Islahudin Abdullah, CEO of Airebagasi

One of the common dilemmas when travelling is the burden of lugging around your bags when your flight arrives way before check-in time at the hotel, or when you are booked on the last flight of the night and having to worry about going back to the hotel and picking your luggage up (which is quite a tedious affair!). How we only wished, the luggage is delivered straight to the airport.

Well, that is exactly what this Malaysian startup aims to do! Meet Airebagasi, Malaysia’s first luggage delivery app (such a cool name by the way;bagasi is a Malay word that means luggage)

Screengrab of Airebagasi’s website

“The Airebagasi application, operated by Airevicenna, allows you to travel with ease and have more free time on your hands. We can collect your bags at your home, hotel or office, and deliver them to the airport while you enjoy the ability to be mobile without the burden of carrying your luggage around. Airebagasi also works as a pickup service from the airport to your residence or hotel.  This gives you more time to slot in for sightseeing, shopping or even business meetings. Travelling bag-free will also save you money as you do not have to pay for storage,” said Airebagasi Founder and CEO, Islahudin Abdullah.

“Booking can be done via our website at and the Airebagasi application can soon be downloaded on your phone (available on both iOS/Android). You can book your Airebagasi service through this application and pay online using debit or credit card.  Soon, our application will accept cryptocurrency which is quite a popular option these days. “

“The baggage will then be picked up and delivered to the airport (or vice versa), and rest assured that it will be in safe hands since there is a tracking system available in the application.  We also have a tracking activity of our drivers, to ensure timeliness of delivery. All Airebagasi luggage is also insured as an added benefit.”

“We are also in collaboration with travel agents and hotels, so it is a win-win situation to the travel industry.”

Airebagasi offers an attractive flat rate price per bag (according to size S, M and L) instead of weight and distance restrictions. Travellers also have the flexibility to change luggage destinations, or add-on an additional piece of luggage.

This application will be fully operational beginning November 2018 in Senai Airport, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Airebagasi services will be available in KLIA, KLIA2 and Penang in the first quarter of 2019 and expansion to other major airports in the region is targeted to be completed in the same year.

“In conjunction with our launch at Senai, we have an exciting promotion where there will be no delivery charges from the airport to the hotel. Customers will only need to pay for delivery from the hotel back to the airport. This promotion runs from 1st Nov until 5th Nov for bookings made at the Airebagasi Senai Airport counter,” said Islahudin.

To download the app or for more information, please visit