This Co-Working Space Just Partnered with a PR Startup and We Know Why!


Common Ground recently formed a strategic partnership with Supernewsroom, Asia’s first digital media relations platform. The partnership aims to support Common Ground’s entrepreneurial community in terms of public relations advisory and access to Supernewsroom. And why are we not surprised?

Common Ground is one of the largest co-working spaces in Malaysia and is also recognized by MDEC as one of the four digital hubs in the country. So, providing PR support through the partnership with Supernewsroom, will not only benefit its members but will also make Common Ground a complete ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Kaboom!

Assistant Community Manager at Common Ground, Bryan Gabriel Joseph offered the following words, “Here at Common Ground, our members can access advisory support from HR, the law, finance and marketing. We are thrilled to partner up with Supernewsroom and to have public relations and communications support for the benefit of our community members. We are ever ready to forge meaningful partnerships with organizations like Supernewsroom so that we are able to create a vibrant ecosystem here at Common Ground.”

Assistant Community Manager at Common Ground, Bryan Gabriel Joseph

CEO and Founder of Supernewsroom, Manminder Kaur Dhillon was definitely excited about the collaboration and commended Common Ground for being proactive in finding the right solutions for its community members.

“As startups, we are constantly on the lookout for creating brand awareness for our organizations and campaigns. Our aim is to spread as much ‘noise’ as possible so that our stories get picked up by the various media outlets out there. Hence why we are super ecstatic to partner up with Common Ground and provide access to Supernewsroom for the benefit of its community members and teach them the ‘tricks of the trade’ via the pro bono PR consultancy service on how to get traction for their startup. We are looking forward to collaborating with more startup enablers and co-working spaces in Malaysia and across ASEAN.”

At the event launch, Manminder shared about Supernewsroom to a pool of Common Ground community members, who were all ears and eager to digest how their companies can benefit from public relations.

And what did the members of Common Ground think about this collaboration? We managed to catch up with Malaysia Country Manager of FlySpaces, Kevin Tan who shared his take with us: “We came into the picture in 2015 and have currently expanded to Singapore, Manila and Malaysia. FlySpaces is still in its early stages and to be frank we are clueless and do not know where to start in terms of getting the word out about our offerings and services. The talk by Manminder helped us a lot as we came here knowing nothing about PR and now, we have a rough idea of how it works and what are the steps involved in carrying out a successful PR campaign from start to completion.”

He adds, “Prior to this talk, whenever we wanted to get word out on our company, all we did was just shoot out emails to the media and hoped and waited for responses. We didn’t know what a PR plan was all about and a platform like Supernewsroom opens up a lot of doors to startups that are bootstrapping. Supernewsroom allows us access to a wide variety of media options and as branding is essentially just a numbers game, the more you engage in getting your brand name out there, the better for your business viability.”

Malaysia Country Manager of FlySpaces, Kevin Tan

Supernewsroom team will be in Common Ground on a biweekly basis for two hours each session, giving out pro-bono PR consultation, covering some key areas such as press release writing tips, preparing a PR plan, how to pitch a story to a journalist and more. Community members of Common Ground will also enjoy a discounted monthly subscription fee to Supernewsroom. For more information, please visit and