New Rideshare Service for Women to be Launched Soon in Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, 14 August 2018: Carriage For Her Sdn Bhd is announcing a new rideshare service for women named ‘Carriage For Her’,  to create a safe transport platform for women in Malaysia. The Driver app was released on Tuesday and is downloadable from their website The passenger app is due to be launched in coming  August.

The new app is also offering up to 90% commission for the drivers for the first month of September once the passenger app is launched.

“Our aim was to create a rideshare app that catered for female drivers and female passengers throughout the whole of Malaysia. However, we also wanted to add the benefit of accepting male passengers as well, so long as the driver agrees. We are confident that our prices are competitive and that our software works efficiently as we include tolls in our fares” said Nick Smith, the CEO who previously lived in Malaysia for 8 years explaining the concept of this new app.

“We are offering 90% commission for drivers for the whole of September as an added incentive and we have a variable rate system which gives drivers added commission if they complete more trips. We believe there is enough demand for an app like this and we hope to create partnerships in a type of Carriage community which offers passengers discounts on products they will use” he said.

Yap Chun Fei, the COO of the new platform explained how Malaysia is already assisting women in the marketplace. “Malaysia is actually quite advanced in terms of furthering women’s careers. About 35% of women have managerial positions which are high compared to our peers in ASEAN. Therefore we feel that an app such as ours has a good chance of attracting women who want to earn extra money and will be productive for the Malaysian economy as well.”

They hope that Singaporeans will also make use of the app in Johor when they cross the border as it is also designed for overseas travellers. The good news for male passengers is they can tag along with their female Carriage users; while making the trip request, the app allows the passenger to notify the female driver of any male passenger companions where she has the final say on whether to accept the ride.

Carriage plans to fundraise in the near future as well to expand their marketing operation.

They hope to expand into other countries once they have judged the demand.

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