RM100M Investment Opportunities for 10 Outstanding Entrepreneurs? GEM-PIKOM Partnership is a Dream for Startups


The Global Entrepreneurship Movement (GEM) announced a strategic partnership with The National ICT Association of Malaysia (PIKOM) to further strengthen entrepreneurial efforts and maximize benefits for 10 winning entrepreneurs under the TENxCLUB Challenge. The GEM-PIKOM partnership aims to increase investment opportunities of up to RM100million through its Venture Investment Chapter, and additionally to provide exposure to mentors as well as to expand market opportunities for the selected entrepreneurs.

GEM’s initiative, the TENxCLUB Challenge, is designed to recognize ten high-performing Malaysian startups that hit at least RM1 million in revenue at the end of their first year since inception. It is a by-qualification and invitation-only exclusive club that offers valuable network and entrepreneurial support on an international scale.

“By establishing linkages with various entrepreneurs’ communities and agencies be it public or private in Malaysia, TENxCLUB members will have access to investors, strategic partners and more importantly, create a strong base of customers,” enthused founder and patron of GEM Tan Sri Dr. Mohd. Irwan Serigar, who is also the Secretary-General of Treasury at the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia.

TENxCLUB members will receive comprehensive support from mentors, be sponsored to attend exclusive networking events that give them an opportunity to connect with key industry experts and learn innovative strategies which will help them launch and grow their businesses to greater heights. Ultimately, this exclusivity will give them a clear edge over other industry players with TENxCLUB’s help which increases the social capital and brand presence of the entrepreneurs. Sounds like a golden opportunity not to be missed!

PIKOM, an association representing the information and communications technology (ICT) industry in Malaysia, formed a strategic partnership with GEM which serves as a buffer in ensuring that these startups will have the appropriate medium for business consultation, investment opportunities and counselling on best market practices.

Chairman of PIKOM, Chin Chee Seong said the following: “Startups play a vital role in generating economic growth and employment opportunities. Startups are also the birthplace of innovation, technology and competition. A nation benefits a great deal from a vibrant business community. Echoing this belief, PIKOM’s Venture Investment Chapter (VIC) intends to help local entrepreneurs to take ICT-related ventures to a higher level of growth by extending financial help as well as market and technical assistance. The VIC provides a platform to allow its members and investors to invest in startups – effectively enhancing their business viability.”