IRIS’ geoTIME solutions help companies navigate ‘new normal’ working culture


Kuala Lumpur, 6 August 2020  – IRIS Corporation Bhd’s geoTIME suite of solutions, namely, geoTIME Access, geoTIME Attendance and geoTIME Quarantine, can help companies navigate the “new normal” in working culture while maintaining productivity, safety and accountability.

Chief technology officer Lew Yung Sing said being a software-driven and cloud-based solution, geoTIME could be used by organisations of all sizes, from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large multinational corporations (MNCs), with minimal investment.

“As geoTIME Attendance is offered based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) scheme, there is no extra cost to install new backend infrastructure and the staffs can check-in using mobile apps on their smartphone or work devices,” he said in a statement today.

IRIS said the geoTIME Attendance app is based on facial recognition software with superior anti-spoofing technology that would work with even the most basic camera on the mobile phone, most of the employees would be able to use it on their own Android or iOS device.

On the other hand, it said the geoTIME Access would help facilitate contactless entry/exit within 300 miliseconds from a distance up to two metres away from the facial recognition device that is equipped with effective Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) to prevent spoofing.

“Since geoTIME Attendance comes with a cloud-based option, all the attendance data would be updated and stored in the backend database securely, enabling the HR to monitor employees’ attendance in real-time,” it said.

Meanwhile, it said in the case of an employee displaying possible symptoms of COVID-19, the geoTIME Quarantine solution would allow quarantined individuals to confirm their adherence to quarantine rules by performing facial recognition check-in from a geo-fenced location via their smartphones and mobile devices.

“geoTIME Quarantine will send ‘Check-in Request Notification’ to the Person-under-Quarantine (PUQ) at random time and the authority can be alerted in real-time if the PUQ did not check-in within the stipulated time limit,” it added.