ROBOSO Empowers Companies To Help Maintain Social Distancing And Ensure Face Masks Are Worn Correctly


Kuala Lumpur, 29 June 2020 – The Ministry of Health (MOH) warned the public that the Coronavirus’ rapid spread is likely due to the movements of people with no or very mild symptoms — namely, those who are unaware that they even have the virus. That is why social distancing is such an important containment measure.

According to MOH, the reproduction number of Covid-19 virus depends on three factors: the transmissibility (how easily the disease passes between people); the infectious period (the longer it is, the more chances there are for an infectious person to pass on the disease); and the number of susceptible people in the population. Therefore, the aim in eradicating the pandemic is to alter one or more of these factors in order to bring the reproduction number permanently below one.

Robomy Sdn. Bhd., which hopes to help society to combat COVID-19, has recently launched its proptech flagship system Roboso, an artificial intelligence system to analyze images captured by CCTV cameras and it will give out alarms and send messages when the post COVID-19 social norms are violated.

Roboso operates by the comprehension of finding the gap between two persons detected in a camera and the absence of facemask in the capture. The ultimate brain of Roboso is an embedment of deep learning algorithm, a current fascination of industrial revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0).

Chief Technology Officer of Robomy, an artificial intelligence research and development company based in Kuala Lumpur, Mohammed Afsal said “the platform generates an external audio alarm (via speaker) and send messages to warn if anyone found not keeping the minimum safety distance in an area”.

By using CCTV cameras installed at the premises, companies and organisations can monitor staff members and visitors on whether they are maintaining a safe social distance and if anyone is found violating the distancing, alerts will be sent to the concerned parties within the company or organisation to take all the necessary action.

On that account, the education and healthcare sectors who receive a huge number of people movement can particularly benefit from Roboso where they can manage social distancing efficiently. Other users like retail stores and train station also can use Roboso to ensure that visitors maintain a specific distance from each other. Mohammed Afsal states “Roboso is created with the thought of people in mind where we would want our people to gather safely by maintain the social distancing”.

With the increased pressures of pandemic condition, this AI driven video analytic is enabling IP surveillance solutions to better assist users to manage their business. The video data of Roboso can be gathered, analyzed and applied in real time, enabling staff members and visitors to respond promptly to any change. Offices can use Roboso to ensure the social distancing is maintained until the risk of COVID-19 is kept at a manageable level.

Mohammed Afsal also subtly reminds the public that they need to put on protective personal face masks wherever they go and Roboso can only serves as a well grounded AI security in addition to their personal hygiene effort. It is Robomy’s resolute aim to join forces with community efforts, to curb the spread of this highly infectious coronavirus through Roboso.


Roboso monitors crowd movement and their social distancing. An alarm can be triggered if people does not keep their distance or is captured without face masks.