Rentwise Sdn Bhd and Sunway Education Group’s CSR Initiative to benefit more than 1200 students from SJK TAMIL PERSIARAN RAJA MUDA MUSA (WATSON)


Klang, 3 September 2019 -SJK Tamil Persiaran Raja Muda Musa (Watson) located in Klang, will be the latest recipient in our CSR programme which is a collaboration with Sunway Education Group. This collaboration will see sponsorship of 40 units of desktop PCs. Founded in 2009, the school currently comprises of 1256 students (male/female) and 65 teachers. Out of 33 computers sponsored in 2011, only 10 are functioning of which a class of 43 would need to share. The official launch of the computer lab is scheduled for 6th September 2019 at 10.00am.

Similar to the schools we had previously undertaken under these initiatives, the condition of the computers and the computers lab at this school were in an abysmal state. Many were outdated and were not able to connect to the online learning platform that has been introduced by MOE whilst many were not in working condition.

One of Rentwise’s core values is ‘Self Development’.  This drive coupled with a self-sustaining momentum is essential to empowering our youth to advance into the global technological and digital arena.

Leanne Ooi believes education is the way out of poverty and gives a better life, so Rentwise always looks for a better way to help the community in its best way.

“At Rentwise, we are very passionate about education.  We believe education is the way out of poverty, education gives you a better life, and we were looking for a way that would impact the community the best we could” said Ms Leanne Ooi, CEO of Rentwise.

Rentwise is continuously committed to enhancing the education infrastructure with comprehensive digital platforms. 

As part of our community development, Rentwise initiates and runs CSR programmes. Semi-government aided schools or NGOs are invited to speak to us about their IT infrastructure requirements. Over the years, we have helped create or upgrade the existing ICT facilities of a number of needy schools and NGOs. 

Rentwise is a firm believer that equal opportunities in education is absolutely necessary in nurturing and developing our future generation in this digital era. Many of these programmes are run in conjunction with our corporate clients who partner with us to monetize and revitalise their retired IT equipment for worthy community and youth development causes through the process of Remanufacturing.

Tony Lee mentioned that it is worthy to put efforts in CSR when seeing students using the
computer with enthusiastic to learn in a modern way.

“When we look at the students using the computers and how enthusiastic they are about learning in a modern way, it makes all the effort we put in very worthwhile,” said Mr. Tony Lee Director-IT Services, Sunway Education Group.

Since our first successful launch of a CSR programme in 2009, Rentwise has provided over 573 sets of Remanufactured computers, benefiting over 17,000 students across various institutions and organisations.

Our green IT policy meets strict environmental standards when retiring and disposing of IT equipment while maximising equipment recovery values and reducing the carbon footprint. Research notes the carbon footprint of a desktop PC is 800kg, whereas a notebook is 350kg.  The ultimate goal is to have a cost-effective and sensible solution both technically and financially to reduce unnecessary expenditure and addressing environmental concerns we face as a community.

We possess in-depth remanufacturing experience and know-how in remanufacturing computers. This ensures the economic lifespan of the equipment being expanded to its full potential use of 4 + 4 + 3 years before it is sent for recycling. Our clients are companies in the corporate sector, both local companies and MNCs who realize there is a lot of value in using remanufactured computers in functions such as back and middle office environments, project and production environments where new computers are costly and overkill.