PETRONAS ads never fail to impress us with their touching, heartwarming and unifying messages for every festive season. This Deepavali, PETRONAS released a web film cum ad titled “Arathi’s First Love” which emphasizes on friendship, togetherness and most importantly, forgiveness. The ad will definitely bring back your puppy love memories. Here are the FIVE reasons why this year’s PETRONAS Deepavali ad is awww-some!

  1.      Reminds us of our school crush!

Arathi checks out  Ivan, the new boy in her class and she has a huge crush! This reminds us of our childhood puppy love kan. Remember having a crush and scribbling that heart shape with arrows going through it? Don’t be shy…we did the same too!

2.  Friends are always there to tease youArathi’s friends mischievously tease and make fun of her new ‘love interest’ which unintentionally end up hurting her feelings. As usual, the pengawas garang is always there to save Arathi from her tormentors! Arathi dah merajuk..habis la!

3. Times have changed!

Kids these days….wah! Smartphones have become an integral part of their daily. Gone were the days where we used to beratur to use pay phones!


4. The light shines brighter when we are together

All is well that ends well! Of course, Arathi decides to forgive her friends, and they all celebrate Deepavali together! P/S- Where is Ivan?

5. PETRONAS hopes that its message for social cohesion and unity continues to resonate strongly with all Malaysians and serves to remind us of the many intrinsic values that bind and unify us together as a nation.

Watch ‘Arathi’s First Love’ here  www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzUX-79kw8k

By the way, have a Superrrrr Deepavali from all of us at SuperrrrNewsroom and NewstreamAsia!