HotShoes “Gets” Millennials – Inks Deal Empowering High Achievers at Sunway University


The Hot Shoe Show & Co. Sdn Bhd (HotShoes) and Sunway University have teamed up to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), providing the opportunity for students to enhance their future employability.

As the organization celebrates its 31st anniversary, COO of HotShoes, Mr. Lee Mark shares his insight on the milestone partnership. Commenting that in order to fully capitalize on the brains of the future generation, firms need to provide the ideal environment for talents to be nurtured; in order to realize their full potentials.

“These fresh graduates are the future of tomorrow. The challenge lies in the lack of attractive employment offerings once they have graduated. So it is up to organizations in the industry to step up and offer opportunities to these fresh graduates to make something of themselves,” said Mr. Lee Mark at the signing ceremony.

From left – COO of HotShoes, Mr. Lee Mark and Acting Dean of School of Hospitality at Sunway University, Anisha Chai, delivering their speeches before the signing of the memorandum

Only the top few university candidates with outstanding academic achievements that are nominated will have the chance to take part in the Youth Programme. Throughout their time in the programme, they will be able to gain experience from a variety of placements within the organization, ranging from events, communication, destination management, brand activation, publicity, marketing, sponsorship and collaborations, and digital marketing.

“This MOU is a huge added benefit for both our students and their parents, as it provides them with a guarantee that they will definitely be able to – firstly, not only find a job, but also will be able to experience different roles until they find the one that is the best fit for them,” adds Acting Dean of School of Hospitality at Sunway University, Anisha Chai.

HotShoes through immense research has developed a Youth Programme especially catered for the youth of today; citing a salary that can support the lifestyle that millennials are accustomed to – along with opportunities for personal development, career advancement, and most importantly, finding one’s self worth whilst contributing to an organization’s belief system.

Believing that the youth of today is the future of tomorrow, HotShoes is set on building a platform that will inspire and create opportunities for young and dynamic individuals to perform, learn, and get involved at an organizational level.