TutorKami aims for 12,000 educators to fulfill the demand in Sabah, Sarawak and Southeast Asia


SHAH ALAM, 3 October 2019 – TutorKami.com (TutorKami), the biggest provider of
tutor or home tuition services in Malaysia has targeted to recruit 12,000 educators in
three years. The target was set following the success of TutorKami in having almost
6,000 registered educators within only four years after its establishment as a
Bumiputera startup.

According to TutorKami Founder and General Manager, Ahmad Hambal Noorsham, the
estimated additional educators were in line with the company’s mission to expand its
operations in Sabah and Sarawak to overcome the shortage of private tutors in East
Malaysia.Ahmad Hambal said despite limitations with regards to distance and geographic
locations, the company believed that the problem could be overcome by appointing
local representatives whom would be handling the operations in the two states.

“Sabah and Sarawak are among the states with a high demand for educators as many
parents there find it challenging to find suitable tutors for their children because of the
distance factor. Therefore, we will try to get qualified tutors from these areas to solve
the problem with the help of locally appointed representatives. The representatives will
help more educators to register at our TutorKami platform in both states,” he said.

He added that the increase in the number of educators would allow the company to
offer private tutor or home tuition services for all subjects, ranging from pre-school to
secondary school levels, as well as subjects under international school syllabus.

Ahmad Hambal said TutorKami welcomed university graduates who were still looking
for a job or anyone with teaching skills to register as a part-time or full-time tutor at the
website www.tutorkami.com. Those qualified to join TutorKami could earn an income
between RM200 and RM2,500 a month, he said.

“TutorKami is also doing a joint venture with eRezeki, an initiative under the Malaysia
Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) which offer opportunities for Malaysians with
household income of less than RM4,000 to generate extra income.

“For now, we have recorded 1,500 hours of tutor services a month and we are confident
that we can achieve up to 6,000 hours a month following the increased number of
educators,” he said.

TutorKami had received up to RM500,000 grants from technology fund provider, Cradle
Fund Sdn. Bhd. (Cradle) since the latter was launched in 2015 under the Ministry of
Finance. TutorKami was the pioneer and the only local company with the most number
of registered private tutors in Malaysia, to date.

TutorKami platform implemented a strict screening process in recruiting educators as
well as in preparing training programmes especially for new tutors to ensure that the
syllabus and teaching techniques were relevant to the latest education policy

Such measures could boost parents’ confidence in choosing qualified and suitable
tutors to meet their children’s education needs.

Furthermore, TutorKami implemented a safe payment system to prevent fraud and
would not impose any charge if the parents were unsatisfied with the private tutor’s
teaching after the first session.

In the long run, TutorKami has planned to expand its operations in Singapore, Indonesia
and other countries in Southeast Asia, as well as to offer private tutor services in the
global market.

Invited graduates to join the biggest private tutor services company in Malaysia

TutorKami Founder and General Manager, Ahmad Hambal Noorsham began his career
as a part-time tutor in 2007 before he went full-time in 2011. Within that period, he
received many requests from parents for him to teach other subjects or to teach at
locations beyond his reach. That marked the beginning of him to help parents get tutors.

Following the high demand for private tutors and home tuition, he eventually saw the
need to create a system and a systematic database which would allow parents to
choose and engage suitable tutors for their children.

In 2013, he established the TutorKami.com website to help parents find a tutor
according to the subject required as well as level and location. It also allowed them to
choose based on the tutor’s gender or occupation.

The TutorKami staff would do a thorough check on each of the tutor’s background and
profile to ensure the person’s capability to teach accordingly. The profile of the
particular, shortlisted tutor would be sent to parents where they could do a personal,
face-to-face or phone interview with the tutor. Parents would then choose the most
suitable one and start the first session.

TutorKami would follow-up and get feedback from the parents after the first session.
The first payment should be done only after the parents and the student were satisfied
with the tutor’s teaching. If happened otherwise, another tutor would be recommended
without any charge.

The estimated revenue for 2019 was RM1 million. For 2020, the total revenue was
expected to increase to RM2 million. On average, each tutor could generate an income
between RM200 and RM2,500 per month.