UPM Confers Post Graduate Recruitment Award To SEC Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, 20 May 2020 – Malaysia ranks as the 11th largest exporter of education in the world, in general due to its conducive learning environment and stable socio-economic development.

 These aspects have attracted foreign students to enroll in numerous programmes in Malaysia. According to media reports, Malaysia was hosting 127,583 international students as of March 2019 – 70%  at private higher education institutions..

The Ministry of Education has urged the private and public universities and other stakeholders to work together to fulfill this aim. Subul Education Consultancy  Sdn Bhd (SEC Malaysia) has been working towards increasing the intake of foreign students in Malaysia to fulfill the government’s objective.

Mohanad Mudhafer, the Director of SEC Malaysia sees the breadth of Malaysia’s academic offering and multicultural environment as marketable aspects.

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) has conferred the Highest Post Graduate Recruitment award to SEC Malaysia. The company has recruited students for   Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies for computer and engineering programmes

 ” We assist the students to settle in Malaysia and expose them to the rules and regulations and try to make the student pass and visa registration process as seamless as possible. We are different from other agencies because we address all their concerns,” said Mohanad.

Students who study here need to assimilate with the living conditions, plan their living expenses and their accomodation.

The local and private universities along with agencies organize marketing activities, exhibition and roadshows to connect with potential students. The close collaboration with universities enabled the 6-year-old agency to become the trusted advisor for the foreign students.

The Government will increase the  KPI of 200,000 students intake by 2020 and continue the growth for the  next few years

“Malaysia houses  477 private higher education institutions and  10 foreign university branch campuses. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs has only granted permission to  200 to recruit international students. Our students mostly come from the Middle East and North Africa and we will strive to provide balanced graduates to the institutions” Mohanad said.

The government expects to generate RM 15.6 billion as revenue from foreign students in 2020.