“Chubb on Wheels” Ply the Streets in Vibrant Colours


30 August 2017 — Chubb Insurance Malaysia Berhad (Chubb) recently launched a new advertising campaign – Chubb on Wheels in efforts to raise visibility for the brand.

The Chubb brand is well-known in the global insurance industry and is associated with quality risk management products and solutions complemented by its renowned claims service.

Chubb on Wheels serves to create market awareness in major cities all over the country. A total of 120 cars emblazoned with Chubb-branded stickers were deployed in this campaign to bring awareness to the general public about the brand. Sixty Chubb branded vehicles will cruise in and around Klang Valley, with 30 in Penang and Johor Bahru respectively for a period of three months from mid-August to end-November 2017.

The campaign kicked-off with a colourful launch held at Chubb’s head office in Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Chubb employees had the first glimpse of the Chubb on Wheels vehicle at the launch before a convoy of 20 cars with the brightly coloured Chubb-branded stickers began to ply the busy streets.

“It’s been a year since the Chubb brand was launched in Malaysia. The Chubb name may still be new to many who knew us as ACE Jerneh before the name change. Our aim is to continue to embark on various initiatives to raise the awareness of the Chubb brand and most importantly, to ensure the public is aware that we have transitioned from ACE Jerneh to Chubb,” said Steve Crouch, Country President of Chubb in Malaysia.

He added, “Besides brand recognition, the campaign will also help bring increased awareness to our first non-tariff rated motor policy, MY Car Insurance. Using the car as the canvass for our brand is not only expedient for our new product launch but helps with brand recall given the visibility of the brightly colored stickers on the cars.”

For more information about Chubb, visit www.chubb.com/my.