Tinder’s “secret club” for the rich, hot and famous?

TechCrunch reports that Tinder Select is exclusively for the rich, hot and famous.
  • Tinder Select exclusive for elite users
  • Nominating tool ‘Tinder Elo’ prevents regular users from having access
  • Better feature design compared to regular app

Kuala Lumpur, March 8, 2017: Sorry regular human, Tinder’s new version of secret member-only platform is for hotter, richer and famous people only.

Apparently, Tinder has come up with a new version called ‘Tinder Select’ and it is meant to serve top users of the app, including CEOs, super models and other affluent types.

Tech-media portal, TechCrunch reports that Tinder Select enables its users to ‘nominate’ others to join the new platform.

“It’s unclear exactly how Tinder decides who gets invited and who doesn’t, but the common thread among those on the Select app is that they’re generally attractive and relatively high-profile.”

“However, those who were nominated can’t nominate anyone else, preventing the members-only layer of the app from spreading uncontrollably,” reported TechCrunch earlier today.

It was reported the tool to nominate other users called ‘Tinder Elo’, an algorithmic rating system where Tinder will internally calculate based on their criteria of ‘elite users’.

In addition, Tinder Select has better feature design compared to the regular app.

“It features a gradient navy blue ‘S’ at the top, where the Tinder flame is normally found, and other blue accenting in place of the usual orange. “

“Users who have access to the Tinder Select layer of the app can toggle on Tinder Select from the top bar,”

Tinder Select users can switch back and forth from regular Tinder to the new ones as Tinder Select has smaller pool of users since its launch six months ago.