OMG! Royal Selangor Unveils the Marvel Collection and its Super-Marveloucious!!

The limited edition Iron Man figurine

Royal Selangor, in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company Malaysia, has announced an inaugural collection spotlighting iconic Marvel’s favourite superheroes; Thor, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America.

The coolest figurine is definitely the Limited Edition Iron Man. Standing at 9 inches tall in streamlined armour, the Avenger cum billionaire industrialist, Tony Stark is portrayed stepping off a powered platform in his lab, poised to unleash a powerful beam on from his gauntlet. The smooth precise lines that delineate the plates that make up his powerful suit in classic comic books are sculpted right down to the tiniest detail — making it a coveted prize for those in Team Iron Man. The figurine is limited to 3,000 worldwide.

The limited edition Iron Man figurine

Spider-Man makes an appearance alongside Iron Man, captured in the stance that suggests that he is on his way to battle the villain of the week. The muscular curves of Spidey’s athletic build and subtle wrinkles of his skin-tight richly textured costume are faithfully reproduced.  Limited to 3,000 worldwide, this 9-inch figurine is a must-have for fans of Spider-Man.

Marvel Miniature Figurines

If you are a fan of The Marvel superheroes, then its time that you head to the nearest Royal Selangor retail store or authorised dealers. And yes, it is also available online at