The Gilded Glamour of Straits Expression by Royal Selangor


Straits Expression, translates the iconic motifs of Peranakan porcelain or nyonya ware into
bold contemporary forms. Peranakan refers to the Chinese people who have lived in the
Malay Archipelago for centuries.

The community is said begun with the marriage of Ming dynasty princess to a Malaccan Sultan. Communities exist throughout Southeast Asia, but the use and love of Peranakan porcelain or nyonya ware is unique to those in the former Straits Settlements of Penang, Malacca and Singapore.

The intricate surfaces of Straits Expression evoke the opulent Peranakan lifestyle of the yesteryears.

The star of this collection is the lidded serving dish. Comprising a white fine china dish, and a pewter lid with a ring finial and 24K gilded rim, it features sculpted orchid motifs, which signifies gentlemanly virtues. The elegant design of the dish makes it a seamless addition to any tablescape.

For those looking for a commemorative gift, there is the auspicious emblems plate. 24K gold gilds the scalloped chrysanthemum rim. Buddhism’s Eight Auspicious emblems surround sculpted reliefs of peony, lotus, chrysanthemum and plum blossom, the flowers of the four Seasons.

Store your favourite tea leaves in the peony tea caddy. Taking inspiration from the lidded
jar, or kamcheng used primarily in Peranakan weddings, it features a plethora of
auspicious motifs from peonies and pearls to the mythical baoxiang flower.


A 4R photoframe, container, tumbler, cufflinks and pendant complete the collection.
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