Supernewsroom Inaugural Speed Pitching held to improve Media Relations


KUALA LUMPUR, 15 August 2019 – The next milestone on the path to building seamless media relations took place last Friday as Supernewsroom held an inaugural ‘Speed Pitching’ event based on the famous concept of Speed Dating, but with a twist of pitching story ideas to prominent publication editors.

The idea presented corporates and startups the chance to pitch story ideas in five minutes to editors, Saraswathi Muniappan from Bernama, Khoo Hsu Chuang from BFM, BK Sidhu from The Star, Puspavathy Ramaloo from Newstream. Asia and Manminder Kaur from Supernewsroom.

CEO of Supernewsroom, Asia’s first digital PR platform, Manminder said that the event, aimed at bridging the gap between corporates, startups and their media counterparts was fruitful as both sides walked away with a better understanding of newsworthiness.

“The event was successful as corporates went home with a better understanding of what kind of story ideas would compel editors to publish.

“This is certainly the first event, but it would not be the last as it is our prerogative is to improve Media Relations holistically, meaning Corporates who produce stories should understand what stories the editors want.” Manminder said at the event held at The Co. in Bangsar.

Amongst the organizations in attendance, the consensus in feedback was that the Speed Pitching event was an opportunity to learn what editors want as the decision makers of what stories get published.

“We definitely learnt a lot more in terms of pitching, (as) this is the first time we are doing it, and it is interesting having five (different editors), this will give us different perspectives,

“After feedback from each editor, we also changed our pitch based on the feedback we received from previous editors.” said Money Match representative, Ms. Erica Muriel.

Others in attendance said the challenge of getting their pitches across in five minutes was a pressure test and was a challenge in improving their presentations.

“It was insightful to have a close-conversations with the editors, and keeping it within five minutes was challenging, but it was fun. We would have to take the advice given to see how we further improve moving forward.” said DrinkRage CEO, Jevinder Singh.