Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council expands horizons with Flywire through MoU


KUALA LUMPUR, 24 APRIL 2019 – Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) announces their partnership with Flywire through a Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU signifies the intended collaborative efforts between MHTC and Flywire in positioning Malaysia as the leading global destination for healthcare travel through MHTC’s commercial website(, now complete with a payment gateway system.

The one-year MoU between MHTC and Flywire will see the two organisations working closely together to showcase Malaysia’s private healthcare service offerings. Flywire’s services will provide a seamless healthcare travel journey through the facilitation of payments to MHTC’s member hospitals by international patients on

Flywire strengthens Malaysia Healthcare’s end-to-end experience by providing a fast, convenient, and secure way for international patients to make medical payments to their hospital of choice. “MHTC’s partnership with Flywire is an extraordinary opportunity, combining our strengths to showcase a seamless end-to-end healthcare travel experience for international patients. We look forward to building our strong working relationship with Flywire and our member hospitals to take Malaysia Healthcare to even greater heights,” Sherene Azli, Chief Executive Officer, MHTC commented. “We are very excited for this initiative as it is an excellent opportunity to showcase Malaysia’s world-class healthcare to the world!”

The signing ceremony was signified by Sherene Azli and Andrew Ong, Managing
Director, Flywire Asia Pacific. “The APAC region, and Malaysia in particular, will continue to be a growth area for Flywire. We are dedicated to investing in strong partnerships with organisations that are committed to improving the experience of international patients. We’re looking forward to collaborating with MHTC and its members to make Malaysia a sought-after destination for healthcare,” said Mike Massaro, Chief Executive Officer of Flywire.

MHTC’s commercial website is powered through the
collaboration with Flywire as a payment solution partner. aims to start welcoming international patients, especially from our target markets of Indonesia, China, India, Myanmar and Vietnam. Come mid-2019, the website will be complete with exclusive healthcare travel packages from MHTC’s member hospitals as well as fully supported in Bahasa
Indonesia, and Chinese languages.

Malaysia Healthcare has served more than 1.2 million healthcare travellers in 2018 and the
industry is growing at a CAGR of 17% between 2015-2018, presenting exciting opportunities for this partnership. Malaysia Healthcare continues to encourage healthcare travellers to come and experience Malaysia Healthcare with our latest campaign, Malaysia Year of Healthcare Travel 2020.

Malaysia Healthcare has continuously raised its position as a global healthcare travel destination over the last few years. The country was named “Medical Travel Destination of the Year” by the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards from 2015 – 2017, with a highly commendable mention at the recent IMTJ Awards 2018. MHTC was also recognised as IMTJ’s “Medical Travel Cluster of the Year” from 2017-2018. LaingBuisson, a UK-based healthcare intelligence company, in their 2018 Global

Market Report ranked Malaysia as the eighth out of the top 25 medical travel destinations by healthcare traveller revenue. (Source: International Medical Travel Journal).
Malaysia has also been acknowledged as the “Best Country in the World for Healthcare” by
International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index from 2015 to 2017 and 2019 and ranked as the top destination in Asia for retirement in 2018 and 2019.