Prioritize Safety of Frontliners when Channelling Aid


KUALA LUMPUR 31 MARCH 2020 The government’s recent move to centralize the distribution of aid through the Welfare Department has raised concern from certain sectors who were worried that the aid might not reach the frontliners on time.

The unsung heroes who have been battling this unseen beast for months have been receiving tons of appreciation from the community with some offering places to stay, babysitting services and hot meal deliveries.

These humanitarian gestures deserve big applause, however, it must be noted that the safety of the frontliners should never be overlooked as well and hence the government’s move is solely to protect the heroes and donors from any risk of infection.

The Hospital Kuala Lumpur(HKL) being one of the designated hospitals for screening and admission of Covid-19 patients has been a frequently visited spot by donors during this MCO. Taking this into consideration, the management has implemented a stringent procedure for receiving aids and food donation with all request being channelled to the Director for approval.

“We have to go through a few stages before we are allowed to deliver” claims, the owner of Burger on 16 who has recently delivered his burgers to the frontliners at HKL.

“Upon receiving the request for donation and subject to the Director’s approval, we will have to liaise with a designated officer who will then request us for further information pertaining to the type of food, the quantity and delivery time. This ensures that there is no wastage especially when the hospital receives a high volume of food on the same day” he added.

According to Mohanad, “The officer further guides the donors on the delivery method and location so the donor will be clear on the handling and distribution of the food once they have arrived at the hospital.
Further, the vigilance in sanitization, wearing of surgical masks in the hospital, and the appropriate practice of social distancing are extra precautionary measures that controls the transmission of the virus to the frontliners and donors.

” The staff of HKL has definitely been working around the clock to cater to the demands of various the health enquiries during this health crisis and assistance such as this is just a small gesture to support the frontliners during this pandemic. However, their safety should be a priority” he added with satisfaction after delivering his burgers to them

Healthcare workers are an important component of the fight against Covid-19 and their safety should not be jeopardised.

While the donors are ramping up the contributions amid the second phase of the restricted adequate precautionary measures should be adhered to keep the front liners safe during this outbreak.