SAGTEC Innovates With Speed+ To Empower Malaysia’s F&B & Retail Market, Raising RM3,000,000 Via ECF


Kuala Lumpur, 29 September 2020 – Aiming to raise RM3 million for the expansion of its business operations and marketing initiatives, SAGTEC Group Sdn Bhd (SAGTEC) launched its equity crowdfunding campaign (ECF) with Ata Plus – a registered and recognised market operator with the Securities Commission Malaysia. In return, SAGTEC is offering investors a 15 percent stake in the company.

Inspired to better enable humbler business owners such as food truck operators, food stall operators, café owners and even new entry players in the F&B and retail market, SAGTEC is focused on designing affordable and simplified point-of-sale (POS) systems that are equally advanced, elegant and efficient. It introduced its own branded total solutions software Speed+ – an advanced ordering system made simple, affordable and accessible specifically for small to medium business owners in the F&B and retail market. On top of ensuring that its products and services are truly inclusive and accessible to a broad range of customers with differing budgets, the company also adopts competitive pricing as its business strategy – a move that significantly makes it a technology brand in the market that is far more attractive and favourable compared to competing brands that retail at a much higher cost.

Kevin Ng, Founder and Managing Director of SAGTEC shared, “No matter how small a business may be, we just want to promote total confidence and peace of mind with easy and accurate ordering, full reporting features, zero-risk calculations and much lower resource cost. It’s F&B of the 21st century and SAGTEC is totally motivated to just keep it smart, simple, secure, cost-effective and completely efficient for all our users. That’s why we developed Speed+ as a 100 percent cloud-based software because it allows users to fully manage their businesses – anywhere and anytime with their internet-powered devices.”

Kevin Ng, Founder and Managing Director of SAGTEC

To date, SAGTEC continues to experience promising growth despite the uncertainties of Covid-19. Already securing more than 500 over subscribers for Speed+ through its economical software-as-a-service (SAAS) packages. “Even with the setback of an ongoing global pandemic, SAGTEC has been fortunate enough to experience consistent growth and high sales volume throughout the months of the country’s lockdown period. Also, just in Malaysia itself, through our internal research we found that more than 58 percent of the open market are in the F&B and retail sectors, which is well within SAGTEC’s target market. This inspires us to continue building on our competencies for more robust technologies and solutions. This is also why we are working with Ata Plus to launch our ECF campaign so we can scale the business and achieve greater market reach – genuinely empowering all our fellow small to medium business owners in the F&B and retail industry to maximise productivity at all levels of their daily operations,” Ng added.

“SAGTEC has the edge and mindset over its competitors in Malaysia because it has all the right combination to make it a successful company – understanding for practical solutions, all-inclusive accessibility and clarity of purpose in the creation of its products and services,” said Kyri Andreou, Ata Plus’ Co-Founder and Director. “We are truly proud to support SAGTEC with its efforts to help varying business owners in the F&B and retail market make that shift towards technology. Afterall, it is only right that every business owner is able to enjoy technology that spurs maximum productivity, accountability and transparency in their business operations – without needing to use extravagant systems or worse, unwarranted expenditure,” Kyri added.

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