HappyFun.Asia now features Play & Stay partners in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia

The first online platform in Asia to offer 0% instalment plan for entrance fees to amusement parks

Astronomical entry fees to amusement parks may deter families from booking that next holiday destination with their brood in tow.

Having experienced forking out almost half a thousand ringgit for less than 60-minute fun experience for his young children, Happyfun.Asia Chief Executive Officer C.A. Ngoh proudly realised his mission to establish a website that offers 0% installment plan for major amusement parks in the region through partnerships with major banks to offer entrance fees at affordable prices.

“I realise amusement parks invest tens and hundreds of millions and based on ticket prices. Historically, it is highly unlikely for ticket prices to come down. I wanted to focus on making trips to amusement parks affordable as a sustainable business without resorting to a 50%-90% discount since that business model is highly unsustainable,” he says.

Ngoh registered the www.HappyFun.Asia domain in early 2016 and went live with CIMB at the year-end. It now works in partnership with Public Bank, RHB and most recently Maybank.

Boasting its unique selling point (USP) of being the first platform in the Asian region to offer affordable entrance fees to amusement parks through an online 0% Instalment Payment Plan (IPP), Ngoh says HappyFun.Asia has grown a hundred-fold from 5-10 visitors a day to 500-1,000 daily visitors.

“We believe there is still room for growth,” he adds, sharing a vision of attaining an eight-digit revenue from his brainchild.

In explaining the mechanics of HappyFun.Asia, Ngoh elaborates that all one needs to do is register their email address or use their Facebook login on the website. The next step is to add their desired park to visit or choose from the Play & Stay packages the website has to offer. Add their choices to the shopping cart and proceed to make payment. Using HappyFun.Asia, families won’t even have to wait in queue at the entrances as e-tickets will be emailed to them as soon as the payment is successful.

Starting off with just three amusement parks in Malaysia, HappyFun.Asia now features Play & Stay partners in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia. In all, it carries entrance tickets to more than 60 amusement parks ranging from adventure, edutainment, safari, theme, water parks, indoor and outdoor parks too.

Its most recent Play & Stay partner, Ngoh shares, is the Hotel Genting Jurong + USS ticket three-day-two-night package for two that would cost RM1,788, originally. Signing up with HappyFun.Asia would make the cost RM500 less or at RM107.33 for 12 months with its 0% IPP.

“We have also onboarded Play & Stay Disneyland Hong Kong, Gold Coast Australia, Jeju Shinhwa World,” Ngoh adds, shedding light of a possible partnership with Disneyland Japan and Universal Studios in the near future.

There will be more to come from HappyFun.Asia, he promises, with Play & Stay partners from Thailand, Indonesia,

HappyFun.Asia now features Play & Stay partners in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia

and the Philippines to be added in 2018, and two more partner banks to enlist at least.

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