Technology Driven Co-Farming Startup Fefifo Launches ECF Campaign


Kuala Lumpur, 16 July 2020 – Fefifo Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Fefifo”) officially launches its Equity Crowdfunding (“ECF”) campaign today on Ata Plus’ platform with a 50% discount on its valuation as part of Fefifo’s initiatives in view of the global COVID-19 crisis. Offering investors the opportunity to become ordinary shareholders in Fefifo with several attractive benefits over the next five years, Fefifo seeks to raise up to RM4.5 mil in equity financing in return for a 25.25% stake in the company.

Fefifo is a technology-driven, co-farming company that focuses on empowering a new generation of progressive smallholder farmers in ASEAN. Anticipating a sharp decline of smallholder farmers by 65% across ASEAN in the next 15 years, Fefifo seeks to offer its ‘Agropreneurs’ a novel approach to modern smallholder farming whilst ensuring stable and attractive returns.

Fefifo’s Co-farming model enables smallholder farmers and young agriculture graduates to start their own commercial farming business with zero capital expenditure, by providing them with modern, ready-to-farm spaces called ‘Co-farms’ and access to Agri-science, technology and training. ‘Agropreneurs’ in Fefifo’s network can expect attractive returns and benefit from Fefifo’s established partnerships across the entire Agri-value chain. Agropreneurs are also given financial support to start their farms, manage their crop growth and operations using a purpose-built digital platform, and they sell their crops to guaranteed buyers.

Fefifo’s purpose-built digital workflow platform, “Digital Distributed Farms Network” (DDFN), digitalises and standardises the financial models and growing protocols of crops grown in their Co-farms, and puts managing financials, inventory, farm operations and sales at the Agropreneur’s fingertips, mitigating the keys risks of failure for both the Agropreneurs and Fefifo.

Fefifo is currently inviting investors to participate in their ECF campaign at a valuation of RM13,320,000, based on a discounted cash flow model developed together with Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) Pte Ltd. The funds raised will be channeled towards the launch of its first 5-acre co-farming land plot. “We believe investors of Fefifo will benefit greatly from the potential growth and outsized returns,” said Kelveen Soh, Co-founder & CEO of Fefifo. “In the short term, shareholders will enjoy dividend payouts from a predictable early cash flow business when we’re at profit position,” he added.

“Fefifo’s vision is to see 5,000 acres of Co-farms across ASEAN within 10 years, where over 4,000 Agropreneurs can start their own modern smallholder farm businesses which in turn hires over 8,500 farm workers from the local community”, said Chris Fong, Co-founder & Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer of Fefifo.

Ata Plus Co-Founder Elain Lockman is also thrilled for the launch of this co-farming platform. “It is exciting to see how Fefifo’s innovative business model will change the landscape of the agriculture industry,” she said “With ECF allowing investors to take part in early stage companies, investors are really in a position to make lasting impact,” Elain added.

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