Whoaa-Pharmacists Conquer Mt Kinabalu and why that’s so cool!

The team at the peak which is also the proof that they did it :)

If we were to ask you what you thought about pharmacists, well, practically not much comes to mind, except that they wear white lab coats, and are normally found behind the medicine counter, busy preparing your meds. You wouldn’t pay much attention anyway, since the only time we meet them is when we are sick!

But, these super cool pharmacists from the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) are taking health to greater heights (literally!)

So recently, the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society sent a team of 13 pharmacists from West Malaysia and seven from East Malaysia to scale Mount Kinabalu to promote a climb towards healthier lifestyle amongst pharmacists. Beat that!

The team!

The team started their ascent on 26 August and their descent on 27 August. The peak
was conquered just as the sun was rising and the MPS flag and MPS 50th anniversary
flag was proudly flown by the organising committee head, Aziz Jamaludin who is also
the MPS Treasurer and MPS Pahang Area Chairman.

A proud moment for MPS!

In short, this climb is historical and symbolic to MPS as it shows that pharmacists will go
to great lengths and heights to protect their professional rights to serve the rakyat. Well done to these pharmacists!

The climbers are seen here with the 50th year anniversary flag of MPS and the flag of Sabah (that’s where Mt Kinabalu is located, duh)