Challenge of Kindness: Brands Joining Effort To Reward Frontliners


Malaysia, 10 June 2020 – Crafted greeting cards, thank you letters, donation drives, these are among the deep gratitude shown to frontline heroes in the past few months.

Another brand has just taken this initiative to another level by posting a challenge to other companies locally and abroad to join and show their appreciation to frontliners.

On its instagram Page, with a special hashtag “#loveyoufrontliners”, Burger on 16 has announced its exclusive offer of discount for burgers and coffee and giveaways for all healthcare frontliners.

“Let’s shower frontliners with more love which begins right at your doorstep. Burger on 16 is giving out Frontliners Card, discount for burgers and coffee and giveaways valid till 2021 for all healthcare frontliners. We challenge some of our favourite brands locally and worldwide to offer your love for the frontliners. We have clapped for them; We have thanked them, now it’s time to DO something for them”

A list of companies was tagged to take part in the challenge.“After just few hours of posting, we were surprised when few companies took the initiative positively and came forward to join the challenge” said Mohanad, the owner of Burger on 16.

The well known delivery service provide bungkusit offered a special promo code “frontliners” for the heroes who wish to parcel anything, anytime from food to groceries to their doorstep. Eventhough our country enters into the recovery phase, the frontliners are still faced with heavy responsibility and with restricted free time, an offer like this will ease their burden .

JUAN VALDEZ  a multinational coffeehouse chain joined in the effort by replying to Burger’s on 16 ‘s Instagram post with a comment “Challenge accepted, 2 for 1 price”

The challenge brought together few other establishments. Among which is:-

Rawsome@rawsomeuptown that offered their healthy bowls for unsung heroes at 20 percent discount.

Social media users complimented the effort with thumbs up signs and #respect hashtags . The brands that participated in the challenge rewarded the frontliners with various deals such as promocodes, discounts and Buy1 Free 1 packages.

The collective effort is applaudable as this show of love and respect for frontliners should be an ongoing effort with or without the crisis. They have been foregoing their sleep and working tirelessly and this is just a way to appreciate them.

Asked on how he felt after posting the challenge, Mohanad said he had a sense of gratification that the brands took his initiative positively. “It appears that everyone is willing to their part for the community and we are all in this together.”  he said.