River of Life Public Outreach Programme Phase 5 (ROLPOP5) Award 2020


Kuala Lumpur, 15 July 2020 – The Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) Malaysia and Global Environment Centre (GEC), are inviting nominations for the 2020 River of Life Public Outreach Programme Phase 5 Award (ROLPOP5 Award) to reward and recognize different target groups within Phase 5 that are dedicated to enhancing, protecting and contributing positive impact towards River of Life initiative. It is established with the ultimate aim that the award will be able to raise awareness among the public and encourage the target groups to concern and take care of the river.

Entering its second year, the ROLPOP5 Award with the tagline Celebrating Local Champions of Klang River aims to showcase the diversity of ways that people are preserving/ conserving/ monitoring/pollution reduction/promoting our rivers and to raise awareness and encourage people’s responsibility towards the river.

This year the award introduced a new category entitled “open category” which is opened to river initiative within the Klang River Basin. As in 2019, the 2020 award is opened to the mass media to recognise journalists for their reporting on River of Life initiative that covers issues and positive impacts.  

“It is important to recognise and celebrate the efforts undertaken, especially, the determination of the people involved in amplifying the government endeavour to create a society that cares for our rivers. Last year, we received 71 submissions and saw  eight champions from each of the categories receiving money prizes and/or trophies and certificates,  and a total of 24 finalists who received trophies and certificates.  This year, I anticipate there will be more submissions based on the increased number of initiatives that we have implemented and outreached through the Public Outreach Programme of River of Life,” said Tuan Haji Md Khairi Selamat, Director of River Basin Management Division, Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia.

He hoped that this award will motivate more people and key stakeholders such as community groups, corporate, industry, and restaurants located in Klang Valley to become local leaders in championing conserving the Klang River. 

The award has eight categories and is open to the five target groups of the public outreach programme within the ROLPOP5 area (within the exception for the Individual and Open category). The categories are:

  • Local community;
  • Educational institutions;
  • Industries, corporate and developers;
  • Food establishments, wet markers and automobile workshops;
  • Non-governmental organisation or non-profit organisation
  • Individual;
  • Media; and
  • Open category.

The open category is open to all individuals or groups that have been contributing positive impacts towards rivers (river care initiatives) within the Klang River Basin.  For media award, any articles or writings on River of Life or River of Life Public Outreach Programme that has been published in 2019 onwards are welcomed for submission.  Submissions can cover any aspect of river-related subject which has general significance to the local community, scientific research, conservation, and biodiversity. Nominations received will be evaluated by a panel of judges.

Cash prizes totalling RM21,000, trophies and certificates for six categories (local community, educational institution, NGO/NPO, individual, media and open) are waiting for winners. Winners for industries, corporate and developers; and food establishments, wet markers and automobile workshops category will be receiving trophies and certificates only.  

Deadline submission is 15 August 2020 and the award ceremony will be held in September 2020 in conjunction with World Rivers Day celebration. The award guideline, rules and regulation and additional information can be found at www.klriver.org. Nomination forms can be found at www.klriver.org .